Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Do you want the Exciting News then???

Do you??  OK.....  Here goes!

You may have noticed I have been dropping sneaky peekies and little hints.... well, with three weeks to go, and everything being on target... I cat let the cat out of the bag so to speak and tell everyone the news!!!!

Right....  TaaaaaDaaaaa! :-) Let the write up commence!

Oh Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow... I don't know what to say.. New CD, New to the world of Digi-Crafting Artist... Oh Wow, I am soooooo excited! I really am.. Oh Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow.....

May I please present, the Fabulous..... (((( Drum Roll ))))) Fairies are Everywhere, artwork by..... (((((( Bigger Drum Roll )))))... JUDITH MASLEN!!!!! (((Trumpet Fanfare!!)))

YES.. Really .... Judith Maslen... Really Really Truly!! (insert more Oh Wows here!) I am sure many of you will have heard lots about this fabulously talented and oh so luvverly and smashing lady. maybe have some her beautiful parchment patterns or been lucky enough to get a much coveted space on one of her workshop, or met her at shows .... and here, is a CD full of her beautiful work (insert more Oh Wows please!)

Serious bit.. (if I can stop being excited for long enough!!) on the CD there are 6 main folders, each with it's own quirky little fairy (generally up to a bit of mischief!), hand drawn onto parchment and coloured by the fabulous JUDITH MASLEN. You then have decoupage, toppers, pyramids, waterfalls, papers, inserts etc etc etc Plus Bonus Folders, shaped cards and more papers, PLUS for all you Parchers and Pro-Marker/Pencil/Paint fans there is a bonus Digi Stamp folder with loads of err.. digi stamps :-) and shaped cards, ready to be painted or traced or whatever

Hang on.. Need a couple more Wows!

Loads and loads on here... but way to excited to stop and count the pages.. but lots!!!

Did I mention the artwork was by Judith Maslen??

Available to buy... at the NEC!!!! Stand G45.. see you there

If you want to see more... pop over to my wonderful and talented friend Carols Blog to see some stunning cards she has been making for me!

hugs all! xxxxx


  1. Hi Debs. I think you had a few more Wow's in there. I was delighted to see Judith's posting on her Blog. I think she is pleased.

  2. Hi Debs. Looking fab! I would say WOW but think you must have used them all up as I can't find any more anywhere lol. Wishing you big success at the NEC launch. Will see you there Thursday and Friday.

    Jocelyn xx


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