Saturday, 30 July 2011

Finaly gave in and joined the club...

The Pro Marker Club that is!

My first ever lot (errr. yes a fair few lot!!) of pro markers turned up this morning..... having spent what seems like forever not wanting them cos I am a Pencil Fan.... and anyway they are only posh felt tips. so what is the big deal... blah blah blah.... but I caved into peer pressure and bought some.... and...


Oh Wow..... why have I resisted for so long?!?!?  I do love my Pencils, I will always love my Pencils... but WOW.. different effect and I love them!

I dug out a digi image I printed a while ago and had a play.....  for my first ever try.. I am quite pleased with myself!!

Bet it was a fluke though! LOL  Off to play some more to find out!


 OK... Second go..... and I still love them....... lots and lots and lots now!   I might be gone some time.. stamped out a few images to play with! LOL xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Welcome to the club! LOL! Great first attempts Debs. Some bad news for you though - or perhaps that should be late news. Letraset have a special offer on until Monday, buy one pack get one free ( And as usual if a company has a money saving offer on an item it usually means a 'new improved' version is coming out soon. Flexmarker is being released on Tuesday ( They will work along side Promarkers, they have different nibs to PM and they are refillable. the word on 'the street' is that they'll be about £4.99 each. They're the POD on C&C next Tuesday night.

  2. Yes welcome to the Promarker club, you can't beat

  3. Yeehaw, welcome to the Promarker club, I have lots too and I love them.
    I also have sets A & B of Copics, bought in a mad moment but I prefer the Promarkers.
    Super results for a 'beginner' LOL
    Christine xx

  4. I love my Promarkers too but have to confess to having some copics, la Plumes and now spectrum noir. I like the spectrums because they are refillable and at a more reasonable price than the flexmarkers that have just been released. I've used a mixture of all of them at times and they all work together well.

    Great colouring Debs can't wait to see more. Colouring in is one of my favourite things!


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