Thursday, 30 June 2011

Paper Flowers......

Hi there... Had a really busy couple of weeks, but finally... Make Your Own Paper Flower Boutique is finished!!!! Phew... have to say it became a labour of love towards the end, but I did it!! :-)

I had a count up.. nearly 450 printable pages on this one..... everything you need to make beautiful paper flowers... all on one handy little disc!

There are 100 different flower sheet, and a matching paper for each one.. each with a mat and layer base and leaves, some are girly-pretty, some are bold, some are elegant, some are pastel, some bright, some are.. oh you get it.. hopefully something for everyone!

On top of the flowers, there are also loads and loads of patterned papers, inserts and tiles, plus a folder of buttons, bows, extra fancy leaves and beautiful butterflies just to finish your flowers off....

Looking forward to seeing what my clever customers come up with for this one!!!

If your interested.... here is the link..


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  1. It has got to be a winner Debs. I love the images and there are so many. Love it.


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