Monday, 7 March 2011

Very Important.....

especially if you are a Parchment Fanatic like me! LOL

Going to be Absolutely Amazing!  Last years was brilliant.. had sooo much fun (and spent sooo much money! LOL)  If you have a chance of making it.. be there!

All the top names will be there, the talented, beautiful and Oh So Luvverly Tina Cox.... (I hope she reads this! LOL)  the very very talented (and patient with newbies) Dorothy Holness...  the wonderful and funny Judith Maslen (and I am gutted I am missing her workshop this month!)  the very lovely Linda Williams... and the extremely talented Kanny.. who I have not had the pleasure of meeting, but I am half way through the second of her Kimonos....  and I want to meet her to tell her how clever she is.. they are beating me! LOL

Also hoping to catch up with Alison Yeates and Pauline Loweth... and very probably give them both lots of money throughout the day

I will have my own stall there with my CDs.. and I will be demonstrating how easy it is to cross between CD crafting and parchment..... using the images from my CDs and (probably Pauline's Gridwork book) grid patterns, I am hoping to make something to tempt the customers! LOL

Oh.. and the wonderful Marilyn who is organising it all... says I can dress as a Bee! ROFL

Hopefully see you there!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Enjoy the day Deb's, sadly it is to far for me to travel although I would have loved to meet you and Carol again.
    Do tell what you purchase.
    Hugs xx

  2. OMG - You aren't expecting to travel in my car in the morning dressed as a BEE !!!! I am going to have words in a certain ear at our next lesson.

    Joking apart - it is going to be a great day. So looking forward to it. We always have fun and all those Parchment Gurus are so friendly and helpful. I'll be helping Debs and acting as a GOFOR for everyone else.


  3. I'm glad to see that you are getting good use out of the Bee costume Debs but I'm not sure you will ever persuade Carol to join in! lol!

  4. Oh come on Jocelyn. Now be honest - can you see me in a Bee costume. Not a hope in **** of taking off.


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